Accuracy and timeliness are critical when it pertains to Procurement, Logistics and Project Management.


PROCUREMENT:  Accuracy is achieved by ensuring the design and specification is performed electronically in an integrated system, where the design plan itself converts directly into a written specification.  This specification is then electronically transferred to the manufacturer’s automated production system, to be produced as specified in the originally created design.  


LOGISTICS:  Projects, large and small, depend on coordination and synchronization of activities.  To ensure successful execution, major focus on ship dates and delivery appointments is a must.  Planning of product arrival schedules and shipping points must be carefully managed, so that these schedule do not conflict with other schedules in the project.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  Working together is the key to successful project management.  Working together with general contractors, data and electrical contractors, moving companies, and client’s management team; coordinating schedules, working out minute details, communicating clearly and transparently to make sure any potential issues become know and resolvable.  

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