Planning and purchasing workspace furniture can involve complex decisions. 


  • Do you want an open plan, private offices or some combination?

  • How will you address meeting, brainstorming and training areas?

  • How will the design of the floor plan impact collaboration, interaction and privacy needs?

  • How will you make your workspace inviting?

  • How will you support technology?

  • What shapes and sizes should furniture for different personnel be?

  • How much and what categories of storage capacity do you need?

  • How will you address future change?

  • What materials and colors should you choose to create your identity statement?

  • What is the cost?

  • How many cost options?


MDQ Service is a comprehensive analysis of your space and organizational needs, converted into a plan to make

your workspace a place you will work best in, the way you want and the way you should.

MEASURING:  We will physically measure or work with existing, accurate and reliable plans of your space to ensure accurate, CAD, 2-D and 3-D floor plans.


DESIGNING:  We will create accurate floor plans, designed and specified with quality, brand name products with features to address your specific organizational needs.


QUOTING:  We will provide you with an accurate, comprehensive, always competitive price quote based on your custom plan, with the objective of earning your order.


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